“Sometimes you have to get off track to discover a better track.”
— Robin Sharma

We're all on a journey, and there are all kinds of tracks we can take. Is the one you're on the one you want to be on? 

I help people get their lives "on track." Most of the time, we know what we should be doing, and are frustrated with ourselves because we can't seem to make the changes we really want to. I can help you get out of your own way and crush the goals you've been waiting on for too long!

Co-Active Coaching

I am trained in Co-Active Coaching, which is a kind of life coaching that places the coachee and coach on a level ground as co-creators of the coachee’s best life possible. As a client, you’re held as naturally creative, resourceful and whole and I believe that you are entirely capable of coming up with the answers to address the problems you’re facing in your life. My role is to ask you powerful questions, to listen, and to bring out the creativity and the ability that you already have.

Co-Active Coaching is used in all kinds of arenas--from the corporate world to helping people with all areas of their lives. It can help whether you’re struggling with a specific problem or just want to improve yourself and your circumstances more generally. The best way to know what Co-Active coaching is is to experience it. I offer a free intro session to anyone who’s interested in signing up for coaching with me–what are you waiting for? Email me today at cherylmadliger@gmail.com to set up your first coaching session!