Get Going: 5 Ideas to Trick Yourself Into Your Workout

So often we talk about “staying motivated” when it comes to working out. Whether you’re a regular exerciser or someone who’s trying to build a new habit of moving your body, there are going to be days when it feels hard as can be to get yourself going. Over the years, I’ve come up with a few strategies to trick myself into doing a workout--even when my motivation is MIA. Here’s hoping these tips come in handy and keep you keeping on when it comes to your workouts:

  1. Buy yourself something new to wear. It might be vain, but it works like a charm for me. A new top, sports bra, swimsuit, or even headband can be all it takes to tip the balance from staying home to going to the gym to show it off! It’s so important too, to feel good in the clothes we wear when we’re exercising--why not use a little bit of a bribe to keep yourself going?

  2. Enlist a training buddy. Lots of us can’t afford personal trainers, but most of us have friends. Bailing on a trainer will lose you money, but bailing on a friend feels almost worse, if you ask me. Setting up a workout date with a friend you like to train with is a great way to make sure you get things done--and makes it funner in the process!

  3. Download a new jam. My fiance is forever rolling his eyes when I tell him about my latest jam. Lucky for him, I usually toss in some headphones and head out for a run or ride shortly thereafter so he doesn’t have to listen to said jams on repeat. Something about knowing you’ve got a playlist sprinkled with songs you can’t wait to listen to makes the prospect of getting started easier for me--try it!

  4. Set a rule for a certain show, podcast, etc. I have a lot of podcasts downloaded just waiting for me to listen to on my phone. Some of them are the kind I’ll listen to while I’m commuting to and from work, but there are certain ones that I reserve for long runs and rides. Looking forward to listening distracts me just enough if I’m feeling kind of blah about getting started. I know some people who will only watch certain TV shows while they’re training, but I mostly reserve this trick for podcasts myself.  

  5. Promise yourself a treat after you’ve done the deed. I wouldn’t use ice cream as a motivator on a daily basis, but having something to look forward to post-workout is a pretty fabulous way to dig deep for motivation, in my opinion. Whether it’s something delicious you’d probably snarf anyways, a nice bubble bath, an hour to read, or something else that you know you’ll enjoy, try promising yourself a reward for your hard work.

Now, get out the door and get sweating! I’d love to hear what works for you when it comes to finding motivation in the comments below.