Filling the Void

This week, though the sunshine is back after a week of rainy gloom in Ontario, I am feeling particularly cranky. It's not PMS, it's not the what's going on? I know when I'm feeling "off" that there is likely something going on worth looking at. 

What I've come to is this: I've got a lot of great things going for me--a flexible part-time gig that lets me do other things like coaching and writing, a healing foot that seems to be allowing me to get back to my training and fitness groups, a new degree coming soon to hang on the wall with my others, and being one (big) step closer to the vision I have for my "best" life. But I'm sort of in the void. As I wait for the supply list to open, hear about my friends' upcoming races, and think about what I've got on the horizon in terms of things to accomplish, I'm left wondering, what am I working towards right now? 

Maybe you just finished university or college--’tis the season for that, after all. Or maybe you’ve crossed some other big goal off your list of life to-dos and are feeling a little lost, too. This post is for you. 

If you catch yourself feeling like you're floating without much by way of goals to get after, don't be surprised if you're a little cranky. When you see others crushing their goals but have nothing of your own to take pride in, it's tough not to see jealousy creeping on in. It's okay to take a pause and enjoy your accomplishments, no doubt--take that trip to Europe or lay on the beach for a week and enjoy--but it's oh-so-important to find things that motivate us and keep us on the path to constant improvement, too. 

In short, the fix is to put the void to use, filling it with things that make you feel alive and fulfilled. For me, that means coming back to the things I've been "too busy" for. I have found a lot of gratitude for the timing of my injury this year, because without a half-Ironman or maybe the full I lust about signing up for to give me a sense of purpose and to channel my drive into, I've had to look at where else I can find satisfaction and fulfillment in my world. My wildest dreams are perhaps not that wild--I want to inspire young people to live healthy and active lives (as a phys ed teacher, I hope!) and I want to create an empire of people living the healthiest and happiest lives they can. That's where my fitness instructing and coaching and this website come in, of course. And that's what can put the space I've found to good use. What about you?

It sounds super simple--just decide what you want and make it happen. But there's risk and there's challenge to come from that--two things which I know I didn't feel like were such a big part of my academic journey. I have always found school pretty easy to excel in and at the end of the day, if you pay your tuition, complete the requirements of a course, choose good group members, and generally put in some effort, you can get through school just fine. The world doesn't reward that kind of "getting by" though, so what an exciting time it is to feel like I'm ready for a challenge! Are you?

If you're in similar shoes as mine, the question you might want to start with is: What would make you feel alive and like you’re using the life you’ve been given? What challenge are you willing to rise to? 

I'll be over here working on that empire (want to join?) and making the most of the space I've found in my life. I'd love to hear about what your next goal to crush is--comment below or reach out, as always! 

Put that void to use!