Hold on, 2018! A list to look back and forward before the New Year

Happy New Year['s Eve]! Today is one of my favourite days of the year, mostly because I love sparkles and goals and this day is big on both. 

"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one." -Brad Paisley

There are people who say that New Year's is a bad time to work on new habits--the gyms are busy and everyone will quit, they say. To each their own, I say, but I think the New Year is as good a time as any to get started on a goal or to work on making change in our lives. There's something about a blank slate and a fresh start--even if it comes from something as simple as a new calendar or writing a new year! 

I hope that you're thinking about what 2017 was--celebrating the successes, learning from the trials--and looking forward to what's possible in 2018. I thought I would share a little list-making activity I used for myself this year to help you take stock and make some simple intentions for the coming year!

Grab a piece of paper, open up a blank document, or sit down with your favourite journal. This shouldn't take long--but it's well worth the time you put in before racing ahead to tomorrow as if it were any old day. Read each category and list the number of each topic. Take a look back after and really let what 2017 was and what you want 2018 to be sink in before you rush back to your day. 

5 things you want to achieve in 2018
4 things you accomplished in 2017
3 things you’re grateful for this holiday season
2 things you learned this year
1 thing you’d do differently

Here's my take on the exercise:

5 things I want for 2018

  1. Pay off 1/4 of my OSAP.

  2. Weigh 135lbs for my wedding.
  3. To knock 15 minutes off my 70.3 time at Syracuse.
  4. Do 10 strict pull-ups.
  5. Get AQs in Phys Ed and math.

4 accomplishments from 2017

  1. Graduating from school.
  2. Teaching a course at Western.
  3. Getting on the supply list.
  4. Completing/PR'ing at Barrelman, even though I had some bumps along the way!

3 Things worth being grateful for

  1. Time with family and friends.
  2. Planning the wedding—and life—with Brent, and the life we’ve built together!
  3. My health!

2 Lessons learned in 2017

  1. To learn, we have to be willing to try—and risk failing. This requires living in the present and only a few seconds of real bravery. Every week when I'd get up in front of those students at Western, and every time when I try something out on a limb (signing up for a mountain bike race, etc.), I am taking a risk. But when things work--oh boy does it feel good! And when they don't I learn from it and can adjust next time. 
  2. I feel better when I take the time to organize my life and my things. 

1 thing I would—and will—do differently.

  1. Take downtime by intentionally saying yes and no instead of letting the days get away from me. 

I hope that you'll give this short little exercise a try! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and I hope that you have an amazing holiday.