New Year's Naysayers: A Rant about Taking a Stand for Health

I intentionally surround myself with people and things that share my values and try to keep the things I expose myself to positive. As of late, however, I've noticed some pretty strikingly un-positive things floating around the internets and even coming out of the mouths of people in my life which have to do with New Years resolution-ers.  

Whether poking fun at the people who start a new exercise program or stock their fridges with healthy food on January 1, or telling people that if they really cared about their health they'd have done something about it last year, these naysayers irk me. Why? Because many of them are health and fitness professionals, people whose jobs are literally around making the world a healthier and happier place.

I take my job as a life coach and personal trainer seriously and know that I have an impact on the world. I take a stand for being our best selves and taking care of our bodies and lives. 

So who am I to judge someone who decides to start a health journey? Regardless of whether it's January 1 or May 28, if I claim that I'm doing work in the world to make it a healthier place, then I ought to be waving the pompoms and asking how I can help!  

If you're an individual just doing your thing and the idea of someone else making positive changes in their life starting in 2016 while you swear off the possibility of the same for yourself makes you uncomfortable, I'd examine what's going on there. I'd be looking for some insecurity on a personal level. But if you're a health and fitness professional and you do this -- wtf? Our purpose in the world as workers in the health and fitness world ought to be to serve as leaders and encouragers. We should celebrate someone's enthusiasm whether it comes in January or July. Both are simply dates.

If you don't think New Years resolutioners have a place in your gym, you're being a fitness snob--trying to prove yourself better than, superior in some way. What if a person could somehow make meaningful changes starting on the 1st day of a year? That would mean your own six pack or clean eating regime--and you--areno more special than some fitness newbie who decided January 1, 2016 was the day for them. The truth is, we are all in it together. The health professionals in the world ought to take a stance for health--not for making health seem out of reach for someone who wants it.

So please remember, as you head to your gym for a workout today or go to work tomorrow: We all started somewhere. Help that girl who looks lost at the dumbbell rack. Smile at the new person in spin class. We are all in this together!