My name is Cheryl Madliger -- I’m a life coach, personal trainer, and inspiration junkie.  I love kale, mountains, spandex, and helping people set and achieve big goals. I’m trained in Co-Active coaching, I think coffee is the most important food group, and I am happiest when I’m on my bike!

Oh, and I want to change the world. My mission? I want the world to be a healthier and happier place, where people take responsibility for creating their own best lives!

I have over a decade of experience working in the health and fitness industry and have both an undergraduate and a Masters degree in Kinesiology. I've worked with people looking to lose weight, train for specific events, or learn to love and respect their bodies. I believe that we are all capable of living healthier, happier lives--we just have to set our minds to it. 


- Co-Active Trained Life Coach
- canfitpro Personal Training Specialist
- canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist
- CrossFit Level 1
- YogaFit Instructor
- Spinning Instructor 




- Bachelor of Arts, Honors Specialization in Kinesiology
- Master of Arts, Kinesiology
- Bachelor of Education, Intermediate-Senior Qualifications